I was born1966 in little town nearly exactly beween Duesseldorf and Cologne.


Since August 2000 we (my wife and three sons) are living in a little village called "Hausen ob Urspring" which belongs to the city Schelklingen close to Ulm, which is part of the Nature Reserve/Biosphaere Swabian Alb (DLFF-034). In my eyes it is one of Gemany's most beautful areas - even the winters are long and hard (at least when you have been born close to the Rhine river). Here are some pictures of our home:


Recognizing the 720 m heigth of my home I started with Amateur Astronomy in 2003 and with Amateur Radio in 2011. Here are some picures of my observing hut, my shack, my antenna (my car, my boat, my castle “lol”).

IMGP1263 shack HF5B_neu

Our village is located about 600 feet above the former monastery "Kloster Urspring",
which gives the village it's surname "Ob Urspring" (above Urspring).
720 m above see level is a nice place for any antenna, but since the karst soil makes
contact to the groundwater difficult, qrn sometimes is an issue.,

On roughly 30 days per year we do have this wonderful paorama view on the German,
 Austrian and Swiss part of the Alps:



Schelklingen became world famous as some of the artefacts found in cave "Hohle Fels"
during the last years are absolutley outstanding: a flute - maybe the oldest music
 instrument in the world (around 40 000 years old) and a little figure, the "Venus vom
 Hohle Fels" have been found.

If you would like to look it up: LINK

My QSL card shows a picture of my small observatory which is placed in a little hut in
my garden. The picture on the right is GalaxyM51, the picture in the middle shows
Comet Holmes, the picture on the left is my telescope setup.

Sternwarte-024 m-51-summenbild-astroart-ausschnitt-durchschnitt-V3

And this is my actual QSL card, which is avalable direct ot via bureau.


I hope to meet you on the air!


Best 73

Thomas, DL1CZ